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CTAD 2022

San Francisco – USA – November 29 – December 2, 2022

The development of the next generation of Alzheimer’s disease treatments is among the most important health needs worldwide, but presents huge challenges. The goal of the meeting is to bring together today’s worldwide leaders in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease to discuss new results, candidate therapeutics, and methodological issues important to the development of the next generation of Alzheimer’s disease treatments.

Clinical trial teams from worldwide centers will report on their efforts to identify new biomarkers of disease as well as more sensitive clinical assessment tools to identify those at risk for AD, to predict progression, and assess the effectiveness of new treatments.

The future of clinical trials may lie in revisiting all drugs known to be safe and evaluate their relevance in AD treatment. We also know of the importance of non-pharmaceutical trials and that anti-amyloid treatment for AD should begin early on in the disease process. Again in 2021 Clinical teams will present their population studies on subjects in the early stage of the disease or even at the asymptomatic stage.

CTAD 2022 will highlight the latest on trying to get these trials off the ground.

Overall, the aim of the conference is to overcome the hurdles and speed the development of effective treatments.

We look forward to seeing you in Boston!

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For more information please visit our website or contact the CTAD 2022 secretariat at

CTAD 2022 Scientific Committee

President of the CTAD22 Scientific Committee Mike Weiner, MD 

  • Susan ABUSHAKRA (San Francisco, USA)
  • Paul AISEN (San Diego, USA)
  • Rebecca E. AMARIGLIO (Boston, USA)
  • Randall J. BATEMAN (St. Louis, USA)
  • Kaj BLENNOW (Molndal, Sweden)
  • Merce BOADA (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Marc CANTILLON (Livingston, USA)
  • Maria CARRILLO (Chicago, USA)
  • Suzanne CRAFT (Winston-Salem, USA)
  • Steven DEKOSKY (Miami, USA)
  • Michael C DONOHUE (San Diego, USA)
  • Rachelle DOODY (Basel, Switzerland)
  • Bruno DUBOIS (Paris, France)
  • Howard FELDMAN (San Diego, USA)
  • Howard FILLIT (New York, USA)
  • Nick FOX (London, UK)
  • Giovanni B. FRISONI (Brescia, Italy)
  • Serge GAUTHIER (Montreal, Canada)
  • Michael GRUNDMANN (San Diego, USA)
  • Harald HAMPEL (Woodcliff Lake, USA)
  • Oskar HANSSON (Lund, Sweden)
  • Tobias HARTMANN (Homburg, Germany)
  • Takeshi IWATSUBO (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Frank JESSEN (Cologne, Germany)
  • Ara KHACHATURIAN (Washington DC, USA)
  • Zaven KHACHATURIAN (Washington DC, USA)
  • Yan LI (St. Louis, USA)
  • Jorge J. LLIBRE GUERRA (St. Louis, USA)
  • Constantine G. LYKETSOS (Baltimore, USA)
  • Gad A. MARSHALL (Boston, USA)
  • José Luis MOLINUEVO (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Ronald PETERSEN (Minnesota, USA)
  • Michael S. RAFII (San Diego, USA)
  • Rema RAMAN (San Diego, USA)
  • Craig W. RITCHIE (Edinburgh, UK)
  • Robert RISSMAN (San Diego, USA)
  • Marwan SABBAGH (Las Vegas  USA)
  • Stephen SALLOWAY (Providence, USA)
  • Rachel SCHINDLER (New York, USA)
  • Philip SCHELTENS (Amsterdam, NL)
  • Lon SCHNEIDER (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Eric SIEMERS (Philadelphia, USA)
  • Yong SHEN (Heife, China)
  • Jiong SHI (Las Vegas, USA)
  • Reisa SPERLING (Boston, USA)
  • Yaakov STERN (New York, USA)
  • Jacques TOUCHON (Montpellier, France)
  • Christopher H. VAN DYCK (New Haven, USA)
  • Bruno VELLAS (Toulouse, France)
  • Michael W. WEINER (San Francisco, USA)
  • Bengt WINBLAD (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Jin-Tai YU (Shanghai, China)