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About the journal

The JPAD « Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer’Disease » will publish reviews, original research articles and short reports to improve our knowledge in the field of Alzheimer prevention including : neurosciences, biomarkers, imaging, epidemiology, public health, physical cognitive exercise, nutrition, risk and protective factors, drug development, trials design, and heath economic outcomes.

JPAD will publish also the meeting abstracts from Clinical Trial on Alzheimer Disease (CTAD) and will be distributed both in paper and online version worldwide.

We hope that JPAD with your contribution will play a role in the development of Alzheimer prevention.

The articles published by the Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease have been submitted, by the authors, to the editorial board committee, which paids careful attention to the quality of the information to be published. Nevertheless, Serdi Publisher is not responsible for the contents. Authors are only responsible for their opinions and their  eventual mistakes.