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M. Barbera, D. Perera, A. Matton, F. Mangialasche, A. Rosenberg, L. Middleton, T. Ngandu, A. Solomon, M. Kivipelto

J Prev Alz Dis 2023;4(10):718-728

At least 40% of all dementia has been linked to modifiable risk factors suggesting a clear potential for preventative approaches targeting these factors. Despite the recent promising findings from anti-amyloid monoclonal antibodies, a limited proportion of patients are expected to be eligible for these novel AD treatments. Given the heterogeneous nature of AD and the complex multi-level pathological processes leading to dementia (involving, e.g., shared risk factors, interaction of different pathology mechanisms, and their putative synergistic effects on cognition), targeting a single pathology may not be sufficient to halt or significantly impact disease progression. With exponentially increasing numbers of patients world-wide, in parallel to the unprecedented population ageing, new multimodal therapy approaches targeting several modifiable risk factors and disease mechanisms simultaneously are urgently required. Developing the next generation of combination therapies with lifestyle intervention and pharmacological treatments, implementing the right interventions for the right people at the right time, and defining accessible and sustainable strategies worldwide are crucial. Here, we summarize the state-of-the-art multimodal lifestyle-based approaches, especially findings and lessons learned from the FINGER trial, for prevention and risk reduction of cognitive impairment and dementia. We also discuss some emerging underlying biological mechanisms and the current development of precision prevention approaches. We present an example of a novel trial design combining healthy lifestyle changes with a repurposed putative disease-modifying drug and place this study in the context of the World-Wide FINGERS, the first interdisciplinary network of multimodal trials dedicated to the prevention and risk reduction of cognitive impairment and dementia.

M. Barbera ; D. Perera ; A. Matton ; F. Mangialasche ; A. Rosenberg ; L. Middleton ; T. Ngandu ; A. Solomon ; M. Kivipelto (2023): Multimodal Precision Prevention - A New Direction in Alzheimer’s Disease. The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease (JPAD).


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