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V. Dauphinot, A. Garnier-Crussard, C. Moutet, F. Delphin-Combe, H.-M. Späth, P. Krolak-Salmon

J Prev Alz Dis 2021;3(8):351-361

Background: Alzheimer’s disease and related diseases (ADRD) are a major cause of health-related cost increase. Objectives: This study aimed to estimate the real medical direct costs of care of patients followed at a memory center, and to investigate potential associations between patients’ characteristics and costs. Design: Cross-sectional analyses conducted on matched data between clinical data of a cohort of patients and the claims database of the French Primary Health Insurance Fund. Setting: Memory center in France Participants: Patients attending a memory center with subjective cognitive complaint Measurements: Medical or nonmedical direct costs (transportation) reimbursed by the French health insurance during the one year after the first memory visit, and socio-demographic, clinical, cognitive, functional, and behavioral characteristics were analyzed. Results: Among 2,746 patients (mean ± SD age 79.9 ± 8 years, 42.4% of patients with dementia), the total direct cost was on average € 9,885 per patient during the year after the first memory visit: € 7,897 for patients with subjective cognitive complaint, € 9,600 for patients with MCI, and € 11,505 for patients with dementia. A higher functional and cognitive impairment, greater behavioral disorders, and a higher caregiver burden were independently associated with a higher total direct cost. A one-point decrease in the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living score was associated with a € 1,211 cost increase. The cost was higher in patients with Parkinson’s disease, and Lewy body disease compared to patients with AD. Diabetes mellitus, anxiety disorders and number of drugs were also significantly associated with greater costs. Conclusions: Higher real medical direct costs were independently associated with cognitive, functional, and behavioral impairment, diabetes mellitus, anxiety disorders, number of drugs, etiologies as well as caregiver burden in patients attending a memory center. The identification of factors associated to higher direct costs of care offers additional direct targets to evaluate how interventions conducted in patients with NCD impact direct costs of care.

V. Dauphinot ; A. Garnier-Crussard ; C. Moutet ; F. Delphin-Combe ; H.-M. Späth ; P. Krolak-Salmon (2021): Determinants of Medical Direct Costs of Care among Patients of a Memory Center. The Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease (JPAD).

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