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C. Takeda, S. Guyonnet, Y. Sumi, B. Vellas, I. Araujo de Carvalho

J Prev Alz Dis 2020;7(2):70-74

Backgrounds: The World Health Organization has published the Integrated Care for Older People, ICOPE handbook Guidance on person-centred assessment and pathways in primary care. This is an integrated individual care tool focused on the individual and healthy ageing. The ICOPE tool proposes step by step, a screening, a fine assessment, the development of a personalized care plan, its implementation and follow up and finally the consideration of the caregivers and community. The new Geroscience field is focusing on preventing age-related diseases, and should now investigate with the ICOPE tool the optimal maintenance of intrinsic capacity (IC) through mobility, cognition, psychology, vitality, hearing and vision. This article aims to present this new tool and to presents its innovative implementation at the Toulouse University Hospital through the INSPIRE study. We believe that the ICOPE integrated care program will also be a pragmatic way to maintain cognitive functions and detect early Alzheimer. Objectives: The main objective of the INSPIRE study is to build a Bio-resource Research Platform for Healthy Ageing gathering biological, clinical and digital resources in order to identify markers of ageing, age-related diseases and IC evolution. The study will be also testing the implementation and follow up of the ICOPE tool. Methods: The Inspire Platform will gather clinical data and bio-specimens from 1000 subjects in the Occitania Region, of different ages (from 30 years and over) over 10 years. Data will be collected annually. Using the ICOPE tool IC domains will be monitored every 4 months. Once IC decline is identified, participants will have a thorough clinical assessment and blood sampling to investigate the response of markers of ageing at the time of decline. The French ethic committee approved the study. Results: The Inspire platform aims to develop an integrative approach to promote novel new technologies for the assessment and monitoring of functional capacities.


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